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HE Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi is the Minister for Foreign Trade (Forbes 50 most influential person in the world) casting a message during the opening.

Nicknamed the City of Gold by Jim Krane - a longtime reporter for the Associated Press in the Persian Gulf region, Dubai is a city of lavish dreams. From ambitious architecture projects, to largest artificial islands in the world, underwater hotels, and luxury shopping malls, the city offers some of the best commodities money can buy.  The near-manic atmosphere of development in the city that took place in the last two decades has placed the modern Dubai in sharp contrast with its distant past of the backwater trade and pearl village. Nonetheless, Islam is still the official state religion. Men cloaked in kandura, and women in abaya and niqab dot today’s streets in Dubai. Fashioned by name brand handbags and shoes, with perhaps an obsession over fragrances priced beyond popular imagination, the desire for personalization of this once uniform habitus invites the question of identity. In this embracing of the east meets the west, the push-and-pull negotiating between the modern and the traditional, what hopes and dreams do the people of Dubai hold, for themselves, their families, their society, their city and their world?  “Message in the Sky”, taking shape as a site-specific/crowd-responsive installation, pools together the city’s modern-day 1001 dreams, and casts them away into the celestial using a radio telescope.