Joshua Tree, USA 2014

A part of the inaugural Joshua Treenial

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Message in the Sky: Jiayi Young & Shih-Wen Young
Storytelling "By the Cold Fire": Yi Ping
Costume Design: Ximena Valeto
Music and original sound score: Chris Hou
Event MC: Marcos Lutyens
Special Thanks: Josua Tree Astronomy Arts Theatre

In May of 2015, “Message in the Sky” was brought to the desert community of Joshua Tree, California, USA. We collaborated with storyteller Yi-Ping's "By the Cold Fire" to present a tapestry of hopes and dreams in America’s frontier. The story weaved into the evening with vocal incarnation and movement. The public was invited to record voice messages. Working with astronomers at the Joshua Tree Astronomy Art Theatre, projected onto a 10-meters long screen that melts into the Joshua Tree dark sky, real-time imageries of deep space were brought in to superimpose with the messages. During launch, the sound of the messages - broadcast on speakers - rippled across the desert as the symbolic message circles traveled upwards into the starry night. The sky was so clear that the Milky Way was visible with the naked eye. A place of vast geographic landscape, Joshua Tree holds a rich history of human inhabitants; by launching “Message in the Sky” at Joshua Tree, we attempt to connect personal aspirations with the celestial.

Video screen capture